The Association – Goodbye, Columbus

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This green label original pressing TROUNCED our other copies. Recorded by Bones Howe, the midrange is pure tubey magic! If you have the kind of system that brings out that quality in a recording, you will get a lot out of this one. It’s so good, it made me appreciate some of the instrumentals on the album which I had previously dismissed as filler. When you hear them sound this good, you can actually enjoy them!

You get rich, sweet, open, textured, natural, tonally correct sound here on side, A++ all the way! Side two is almost as good at A+, with some smear causing us to drop the grade.

Bones Howe produced and engineered the show here; Bones is a man who knew his way around a studio as well as practically anybody in the ’60s. He’s the one responsible for all the tubey magic of this recording and so many others from the era, including the Association’s masterpiece, Insight Out. That’s his sound. Those of you who appreciate that sound will find much to like here. If, on the other hand, you prefer the sound of a band like, oh, Dire Straits, a group with a dry, processed, transistory approach to recording, the sound of this LP is unlikely to move you as much as it moved us here at Better Records.

This record is really only for those who love The Association and the bands of that persuasion. If you not one of those guys, you don’t need this one. If you are, this is the one. It’s hard to imagine these songs sounding any better on side one than they do here.


Side One

Goodbye, Columbus 
How Will I Know You? 
Dartmouth? Dartmouth! 
Goodbye, Columbus
Ron’s Reverie A. Across the Field/B. Carmen, Ohio

Side Two

It’s Gotta Be Real 
A Moment to Share 
Love Has a Way 
A Time for Love 
So Kind to Me (Brenda’s Theme)