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Sonic Grade: F

More vinyl dreck from Speakers Corner. I played this record back in the ’90s and was astonished at how bad the sound was.

They eventually realized that the tapes they had available to them should never have been used. The newer version has been remixed from the three-track masters. It may be fine, it may not, we will never bother to get one in and play it, but if you do decide to buy one, make sure to have a return guarantee.

Nothing this label does can be trusted.

It’s an Audiophile Hall of Shame pressing and yet another Disastrous Heavy Vinyl release that proves this label had no shame.

Is it the worst version of the album ever made? Hard to imagine it would have much competition. The CD I have is dramatically better.

If you put your faith in what Speakers Corner said about their process and bought this crappy remaster, I hope you learned at least one lesson from your mistake: never believe anything an audiophile label has to say about anything. 

Cut from original master tapes, pure analog mastering on Neumann VMS 80

Superior sound quality

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