Virgil Fox – The Fox Touch Volume 2

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Played against the best Golden Age organ recordings, these Crystal Clear titles are noticeably lacking in ambience.

The best pressings, assuming one would do a shootout for them, might be expected to earn a sonic grade of B- or so.

Volume 1 is a TAS List record. But seeing as they were all recorded at the same time, this one might sound every bit as good. Then again, it might not. 

By the way, did you know Stan Ricker cut this record live direct to disc? He did a great job too.


Side One

1. Piece Heroique (Cesar Franck)
2. Litanies (Jehan Alain)
3. Toccata From The Fifth Symphony (Charles Marie Widor)

Side Two

1. Prelude And Fugue In G Minor (Marcel Dupre)
2. Toccata (Eugene Gigout)
3. Finale From The Sixth Symphony (Louis Vierne)