Letter of the Week – “You were too kind to the Mofi: yours destroyed it.”

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One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:

Hey Tom,   

The Neil Diamond Live is one the best I’ve ever bought from you. You were too kind to the Mofi: yours destroyed it.

My stock copy is worthless. An unusually well recorded live album. You are so right.

And your copy is awesome.



Thanks, Will!

Glad you liked our copy as much as we did. The MoFi, in our opinion, is not a bad record, but the phony EQ they use causes Neil’s voice to sound unnatural, and an unnatural sounding Neil Diamond is not something that appeals to us.

If any of you out there in audio land are still buying these remastered pressings, take the advice of some of our customers and stop throwing your money away on Heavy Vinyl and Half-Speed Masters.

At the very least let us send you a Hot Stamper pressing — of any album you choose — that can show you what is wrong with your copy. And if for some reason you disagree that our record sounds better than yours, we will happily give you all your money back and wish you the best.

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