The Mobile Fidelity Apocalypse, Part Two

For those of you who have not been following this story, here is the best place to start:

How a Phoenix record store owner set the audiophile world on fire

Geoff Edgers is a friend of mine, an audiophile, and a very good reporter. I will be discussing this mess at some point on the blog. His article is well worth your time to read.

Although it’s behind a paywall, you can get a free test drive easily enough.

In September there will be a long-form video of me going about a Hot Stamper shootout and discussing the world of audiophile records, which you do not want to miss, so sign up now and start reading.

Quick question: Does this record look digital to you?

Speaking of One-Steps

We have never played any of them, but a couple of our customers have:

Customer Comments on MoFi One-Step Pressings

Our next post on the subject can be found here: The Mobile Fidelity Apocalypse, Part Three.

There are no doubt more to come. This link will take you to all of them, probably in the reverse order they should be read.

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