Liszt, Enesco, Smetana / Rhapsodies / Stokowski

More of the music of Franz Liszt (1811-1880)

Our Favorite Recording of the Hungarian Rhapsodies

This RCA Living Stereo LP (LSC 2471) has SUPERB SOUND!

I’m a big fan of this title. The string tone is rich and dark and just wonderful. If you want an exciting record with outstanding Living Stereo sound — dynamic, with strings to die for, and an energetic performance, this is the one!

Don’t let the White Dog fool you. I doubt if the average Shaded Dog is any better.

[I suspect that the Shaded Dog has the potential to be better, but when this review was written I did not.]

This record sounds just right to me. Listen to how clear and correct the triangle is. 

I wonder if the Shaded Dog copies would be cut that clean. Without one here to compare there’s no way to know.

[We have since compared them and our Shaded Dogs were slightly better than any of the White Dogs.]

The Classic version sounds okay until you play it next to the real McCoy. Then you hear how brightening up the strings ruins everything.

Here are some of the other records we’ve discovered that are good for testing string tone and texture.

This record includes

Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2,

Liszt’s Roumanian Rhapsody No. 1 and

Smetana’s The Moldau/ ‘The Bartered Bride’ Overtures.