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A classic case of Live and Learn. Many years ago we had played copies of the record and thought the sound was fine, shootout material in fact.

Flash forward to 2015 or 2016.  Now it sounds thin, flat and opaque.

Worse, it’s actually in mono.

On today’s modern stereos it leaves a lot to be desired, and for that reason we say Skip It.

A stereo recording reissued in mono for no apparent reason? What were they smoking over there at Milestone? 

Years ago we wrote:

This Milestone Two-Fer Double LP has GREAT SOUND. It’s very transparent and open with plenty of bass. Some of these early Two-Fer pressings tend to have excellent mastering (check!) and very good sound (check!). This copy is tonally right on the money. I guarantee it will beat the pants off the 45 RPM 2 LP set.

Side 1 and the first three tracks on side 4 were originally released as Trio/ Waltz for Debby. Side 2, the first two tracks on Side 3 and Jade Visions were originally released as Trio/ Sunday at the Village Vanguard.

All the tracks on this 2 LP set were recorded in performance at The Village Vanguard on Sunday, June 25, 1961.

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