Keith Jarrett / Solo-Concerts (3 LP Box Set) – Reviewed in 2010

More Jazz Recordings Featuring the Piano

This is a very nice looking ECM Promo 3 LP set with Virtually No Sign of Play (VNSOP). The set comes with a 13-page booklet containing extensive liner notes and photographs.

We prefer the sound of these domestic pressings to the imports we’ve played.   

AMG Review

These are the recordings that made Keith Jarrett famous. Originally released as a three-LP set, the two solo piano recitals feature Jarrett freely improvising and never seeming to run out of ideas. A simple figure often develops through repetition and subtle variations into a rather complex sequence and eventually evolves into a new figure. One of the improvisations lasts for three LP sides (64 minutes), while the second concert has two long solos for 30 and 35 minutes, respectively. Despite the length, the music never loses one’s interest, making this an essential recording for all jazz collections.

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