Letter of the Week – “…suddenly it’s like being 12 again!”

More Jimi Hendrix

One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:  

Hey Tom,   

I’ve been a bit remiss in thanking you for the last record, Electric Lady Land so thanks! I bought this when I was twelve, listened to it on headphones and was blown away, but as I got older and ended up with tapes and then CD’s it all faded… until you play a fantastic hot stamper on a great stereo and suddenly it’s like being 12 again! I would have paid the same for just side three with Rainy day, dream away, 1983 and Moon turn the tides.

Absolute bliss… and then there’s the other three sides!

Forget the haters, I am so glad you guys do what you do Tom.

Cheers, Peter

Peter, it always warms our hearts to hear that customers get the same feeling from our records as we do.

Crazy thing about Hendrix — so many pressings of his records are just a disaster. The same is true of Zep. Some of the shit that is out there is so bad it just blows my mind.