Gary Puckett and the Union Gap – Did This Band Ever Make a Good Sounding Record?

Their recordings may be amazing, but the pressings made from them sure leave a lot to be desired.

In fact, their music sounds better on the radio than it does on the half dozen pressings we’ve played, of the one pictured above and other titles as well. If we hear a good sounding pressing down the road, we would certainly be open to the possibility of doing a shootout for it.

We play mediocre-to-bad sounding pressings so that you don’t have to, a public service from your record loving friends at Better Records.

You can find this one in our Hall of Shame, along with more than 350 others that — in our opinion — qualify as some of the worst sounding records ever made. (On some records in the Hall of Shame the sound is passable but the music is bad.  These are also records you can safely avoid.)

Note that most of the entries are audiophile remasterings of one kind or another. The reason for this is simple: we’ve gone through the all-too-often unpleasant experience of comparing them head to head with our best Hot Stamper pressings.

When you can hear them that way, up against an exceptionally good pressing, their flaws become that much more obvious and, frankly, that much less excusable.

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