Johnny Cash / Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison – Our Shootout Winner from 2014

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We’ve been trying to find good copies of this fun album for ages, but it wasn’t until recently that we heard this music sound right.

Most copies are just too thin and edgy with lots of strain and hardness on the vocals.

This one is richer, smoother and sweeter, with lots of body and excellent transparency. It ain’t easy to find great sounding Johnny Cash records, but this copy had the sound we were looking for.

Cash’s vocals sound right here — present, full and natural with virtually none of the hardness, strain and edge you get on the typical copy.

Like we’ve said, it’s mighty tough to find Johnny Cash records that sound right, so don’t miss out on this one if you’re a fan! It literally took us YEARS to find a copy that was worthy enough to put on the site.


Side One

Folsom Prison Blues 
Dark as the Dungeon
I Still Miss Someone 
Cocaine Blues 
25 Minutes to Go 
Orange Blossom Special 
The Long Black Veil

Side Two

Send a Picture of Mother 
The Wall 
Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog
Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart 
Jackson (with June Carter Cash) 
Give My Love to Rose (with June Carter Cash)
I Got Stripes 
Green, Green Grass of Home 
Greystone Chapel

AMG Review

At Folsom Prison was one of two legendary live albums Johnny Cash recorded in front of a prison audience in the late ’60s. Part of the appeal of the records is the way Cash plays to the audience, selecting a set of songs that are all about prison, crime, murder, regret, loss, mother, God, and loneliness. Cash stimulates the audience’s emotions, which in turn stimulates his performance, especially since he delivers the songs with the conviction of someone who has lived through it.