Horace Silver Quintet – The Stylings of Silver


  • With superb Triple Plus (A+++) grades on side two and Double Plus (A++) sound on side one, this is one of the best copies of Silver’s 1957 classic we’ve ever heard
  • The last copy to hit the site went up in 2016 – clean Horace Silver records in stereo with the right stampers and good sound are hard to find!
  • Rich and solid, this is the kind of sound that makes us sit up and take notice – Thanks RVG, we love your work (when it sounds like this)
  • “All of Silver’s Blue Note quintet recordings are consistently superb and swinging…”

I chanced upon a clean copy of this album in a store last year. When I got home with it I found I loved the music and I loved the sound. I then went about buying them up as fast as I could, returning something on the order of half the copies I was sent: some for scratches, some for the wrong labels, some for being mono — you never know what you’re going to get when you order records online!

Except from us of course. Unless something goes terribly wrong you will always get a good sounding, reasonably quiet record from us.

RVG in ’57

The best copies are just bigger, fuller and more present than others. The sound is natural and REAL, with exceptional space and see-through transparency, something that practically no heavy vinyl modern pressing we’ve ever played can reproduce.

Classic Records remastered the album, Music Matters remastered it, and there are plenty of copies of both out there. If you have either one, do yourself a favor and order up this Hot Stamper. We’re pretty sure you will be amazed at how much more musical involvement you will find on it, involvement that will be lacking when you go back to the Heavy Vinyl LP.

Horace Silver Is a Jazz Genius

We love his albums, but you can count on two hands all the Hot Stamper pressings of his records that have made it to our site. Good pressings in clean condition go for big bucks, and most of the ones we spring for have either bad sound or condition issues such as inner groove distortion that make them unsuitable for our customers.

Forgotten Sound

Need a refresher course in Tubey Magic after playing too many modern recordings or remasterings? These records are overflowing with it. Rich, smooth, sweet, full of ambience, dead-on correct tonality — everything that we listen for in a great record is here.


Side One

No Smokin’
The Back Beat

Side Two

Home Cookin’
My One And Only Love

London Jazz Collector Review

Art Farmer! Hank Mobley!! Who would have credited such a combination? Lyrical trumpet and malted tenor.Typically Horace, this is a perfectly balanced set of varied moods and tempo’s, graced with exquisite solo and collaborative performances. Though his mid ’60s work earned Horace the most acclaim, it’s his earlier work from the golden age of bop that is the most substantial. It’s Mobley. It’s Blue Note 1500 series. It’s cordon blue bop, inventive, lyrical, energetic, and substantial.

AllMusic fall back on the “enjoyable but not essential” line.

All of Silver’s Blue Note quintet recordings are consistently superb and swinging and, although not essential, this is a very enjoyable set.

Enjoyable but not essential, meh. Stylings of Silver may or may not be HS’s “best” album, but it is a better album than many others around. Following the siren-call of peak experience – being the first best fastest longest hottest coldest tallest most whatever, merely being good can relegate something to the sidelines. It may or may not be Silver’s best album, but the best is the enemy of the good, the merely enjoyable can become overlooked.

Sonny Rollins may be a more accomplished tenor player than any other, but that doesn’t mean you should listen only to Rollins. Listening to music requires a varied diet of contrasting material. Coltrane is not better than Mingus, both are enjoyable, and exciting. What matters is whether music is enjoyable, and the only way to know that is to sit and listen. If it isn’t doing it for you, take it off the turntable and come back to it another time. Sometimes your enjoyment is influenced by what else you have been listening to at the time. There will be other times. I had forgotten how good this is.

Horace Silver

with Silver — musicians like Donald Byrd, Woody Shaw, Joe Henderson, Benny Golson, and the Brecker Brothers all played in Silver’s band at a point early in their careers. Silver has even affected members of the avant-garde; Cecil Taylor confesses a Silver influence, and trumpeter Dave Douglas played briefly in a Silver combo.

Certainly, no one ever contributed a larger and more vital body of original compositions to the jazz canon. Silver died in New York on June 18, 2014 at the age of 85.