Herbie Mann – Latin Mann


A distinguished member of the Better Records Jazz Hall of Fame.

This White Hot Stamper 2-pack has Demo Disc Live Latin Jazz sound and crazy fun music. Both sides are so clear, rich, natural and present you’ll have a very hard time finding fault with the sound. And the music is great too – this is a Big Band with a swarm of Latin percussionists added to kick up the heat.

This Columbia recording from 1965 has the sound we love here at Better Records, or at least two of the sides of two of these copies do. When you play the other sides you may be in for quite a shock, especially the bad side two included in this two pack.

Side One – Record One

A HUGE room, big bass, an extended top to capture all the percussionists and the harmonics of their instruments — this side was clearly the best we played all day. If you want to know what Classic 1965 Columbia Jazz Sound with no trace of smear or compression is like, these are the sides that can show you that sound. And the other sides can show you the sound you don’t want.

Side Two – Record Two

Rich, tubey, big, the top end gets better as the record plays and pretty quickly it is just right.

The sound of the trumpet solo on the first track is perfection. Listen too for the cowbell in the left channel. No two copies will get both those instruments to sound the same, or as right as this one does.

The Players

The musicians who play on this record are Top Players from the world of jazz. You should recognize many of their names. No doubt Oliver Nelson used most of the same cats (minus all the percussionists) on his big band outings with Jimmy Smith and so many others.

Arranged By, Conductor – Oliver Nelson
Bass – Bobby Rodriguez, Earl May
Bass Clarinet – Danny Bank
Drums – Bruno Carr
Flute – Herbie Mann
Percussion – Carlos “Patato” Valdes, Carlos Diaz (8), José Mangual*, Rafael De Vila, Raymond Sardinis, Tommy Lopez, Willie Bobo, Willie Rodriguez
Piano – Charlie Palmieri, Chick Corea
Tenor Saxophone – Jimmy Heath
Trombone – Jack Hitchcock, Mark Weinstein
Trombone [Bass] – Quentin Jackson, Tony Studd
Trumpet – Carmell Jones, Ernie Royal, Jerry Kail, Joe Newman
Vibraphone – Dave Pike

Our Famous 2-packs

Each of our 2-pack sets combine two copies, typically one with Super Hot Stamper (or better!) sound for each side, giving you great sound for the entire album.

Many folks are surprised when they hear that an LP can sound amazing on one side and mediocre on the other, but since each side is pressed from different metalwork, aligned independently, it happens all the time — in fact, it’s much more common for a record to rate differently on the two sides than to rate the same. That’s just the way it goes in analog, where there’s no way to know how a record sounds until you play it.

Since each of the copies in the 2-pack will have one good side and one noticeably weaker or more typical side, you’ll be able to compare them on your own to hear just what it is that Hot Stampers give you. This has the added benefit of helping you to improve your critical listening skills. We’ll clearly mark which copy is Hot for each side, so if you don’t want to bother with the other sides you won’t have to.


Side One

Let’s Boom Chitty Boom
What’d I Say
Señor Blues
Jungle Fantasy

Side Two

Watermelon Man
The Jive Samba
Ave Maria Morena

Rave Review

An excellent album of Latin material from Herbie Mann – and proof that he’s equally great in just about any setting! The album’s a rare Columbia Records outing from Herbie – but it’s easily one of his greatest of the ’60s, thanks to some really smoking arrangements from Oliver Nelson – plus an all-star cast of players that includes Carmell Jones, Dave Pike, Jimmy Heath, Patato Valdez, Willie Bobo, Charlie Palmieri, and a young Chick Corea on piano!

Tracks are short, tight, and very rhythmic – grooving in a snapping approach to Latin that’s filled with plenty of soul, but which also features plenty of jazzy touches as well. A few tunes here are familiar, but they’re given wonderful new treatment by Herbie and Nelson – and the record easily beats most Verve or Impulse sessions of this type at their own game!

dusty groove

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