Letter of the Week – Life is too short to listen to “acceptable” vinyl.

One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:

Hey Tom,   

As you know, I only play vinyl on my system and have purchased hundreds of hot stampers over the years. I was going though my non-hot stamper part of my collection and listened for about three days exclusively to non-hot stampers. I was pleasantly surprised by some and was saying to myself that’s not too bad or that’s okay.

Then, Steve Miller – Brave New World (2.5/3) arrived. As it played, I was stuck by the difference between what I was “accepting” in my non hot stampers and the sonics of a great hot stamper. I went back to my non hot stampers and ejected 40 albums which are back to cd’s in my car. My non-hot stampers are now less than 10% of the collection.

Life is too short to listen to “acceptable” vinyl. Hot stampers especially WHS or good vinyl is why we have spent a lifetime pursuing great audio systems; to sit in our listening rooms and be transported by the emotion of the music.

Thank You