Fiedler / Boston Tea Party – Reviewed in 2010

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This original Shaded Dog pressing has EXCELLENT SOUND AND QUIET VINYL ON SIDE TWO, where you’ll find a wonderful rendition of Hernando’s Hideaway! The sound is excellent — lively, full-bodied and super three-dimensional. Check out how great the castanets sound!

Side one is nothing special and a bit noisy in the right channel, so we’re really only charging you for the strong side two. Hernando’s Hideaway is really worth the price of admission alone, you’ll see! As I’m sure you know by now, Fiedler on this sort of material is very hard to beat.


Side Two

Lehar — The Merry Widow Waltz 
Hudson / DeLange / Mills / Dunning — Moonglow and Theme from “Picnic” 
Adler / Ross — Hernando’s Hideaway 
Balfe — The Bohemian Girl Overture