Ry Cooder – Boomer’s Story

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This is a QUIET Reprise Tan Label LP with a good side one and a GREAT side two. It’s not the best copy we’ve ever heard but it’s a step up from most of what’s out there. Side two is very natural and incredibly clean. The presence is wonderful, the top end is sweet, and the transparency is top-notch. Side one is similar but a bit smooth for our tastes.

We’re big Ry Cooder fans here at Better Records, and this is one of our favorites. Make sure to check out the lovely reading of Dark End Of The Street that opens side two.


Side One

Boomer’s Story 
Cherry Ball Blues
Crow Black Chicken 
Ax Sweet Mama 
Maria Elena

Side Two

Dark End of the Street 
Rally ‘Round the Flag 
Comin’ in on a Wing and a Prayer
President Kennedy 
Good Morning Mr. Railroad Man

AMG Review

Boomer’s Story, Ry Cooder’s third record, continues his archeological dig through music’s familiar and forgotten past. As was the case with his previous recordings, he not only looks to the masters — including blues legend Sleepy John Estes, songwriter Dan Penn (both of whom appear here) and the great Skip James — for material, but to lost and neglected pieces of American folk and blues, as well… Boomer’s Story — less eccentric than his first, and less eclectic than Into the Purple Valley — ranks among his best work.