Xavier Cugat – Chile Con Cugie

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Amazing nearly White Hot stamper sound on side two. It’s so big and fun, jumping with energy in a huge space.

1959 Living Stereo three-dimensionality from Webster Hall.

Lots of exotica percussion and rhythm make for fun stereo listening. 

Side Two

So much bigger and clearer than we expected, with instruments just jumping out of the soundfield everywhere, this is the way you want your Xavier Cugat records to sound!

Big, lively and fun, that’s what an authentic original Living Stereo pressing can do that the modern record of today has such trouble recreating.

Side One

Tonally correct — maybe not all the fun of this amazing side two but a healthy portion of it.

Avaxhome Commentary

And the artist bio is fascinating. From being discovered playing the violin in Spain by Enrico Caruso to working as a cartoonist for the LA Times and producing caricatures for Life magazine to being the conduit for many of Cuba’s emerging musicians (including Desi Arnaz) the man has many talents. Cugat is also known for his additions to the Latin dance canon. Rhumba king, mambo man or connoisseur of the conga it’s all good and fills you with that heady feeling of hot tropical nights and tall cold drinks.

And even if none of the above work had ever existed, just look at that cover will ya? Hang this sucker up over the bar and get down the rum bottle, this is going to be a long night.


Side One

La Bamba
La Feria De Las Flores
Medley: La Adelita, Zacatecas, Las Altenitas
Alla En El Rancho Grande
Medley: Adios Mi Chaparrita, Ojos Tapatios, La Borrachita

Side Two

Ay Jalisico No Te Rajes
Medley: La Casita, Pajarillo Barranqueno, Las Mananitas
La Raspa
La Barca De Oro
Medley: Jesuita en Chihuahua La Cucaracha, Jarabe Tapatio
Ceilito Lindo