Crowded House / Woodface – A Desert Island Disc

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This album easily meets the definition of a Desert Island Disc. I’ve played this album hundreds of times and enjoy it more with each play, which insures that on my desert island I’ll never get sick of it. To my way of thinking it contains some of the most original, melodic, hook-laden, sophisticated popular music recorded in the last twenty years. Astonishingly (to me, anyway) it didn’t even chart here in the states, a sad commentary about the state of the music biz, a state that only seemed to worsen as the decade wore on.

When people ask me what kind of music I like, a common question from non-audiophiles seeing my house full of records and a living room stuffed with stereo equipment, Crowded House is a band I can happily lay claim to as a favorite. Sophisticated Pop with Audiophile Quality Sound makes up a large part of my record collection, with Crowded House taking its place up near the top, not on the same plane as The Beatles, say, but not far below. This is a record that belongs no less in your collection than it does in mine.


Side One

Chocolate Cake
It’s Only Natural
Fall at Your Feet
Tall Trees
Weather with You
Whispers and Moans
Four Seasons in One Day

Side Two

There Goes God
Fame is
All I Ask
As Sure as I am
Italian Plastic
She Goes On
How will You Go