Marty Paich Is One of Our Favorite Arrangers

MARTY PAICH is one of our favorite arrangers.

Some of the better albums showcasing Marty’s arrangements are Spirit’s first release (1967), Art Pepper Plus Eleven (1959), Ella Swings Lightly (1958) and Whisper Not (1966), and the amazing The Hi-Lo’s And All That Jazz (1958).

Copies or commentaries for all of them can be found on our site. 

Marty Paich Arranged Art Pepper’s Modern Jazz Classics Album

Marty Paich did the arrangements for this group of top musicians. As far as big band goes it doesn’t get much better than this. If I had to pick one big band album to take to my desert island it might very well be this one. The arrangements are lively and everyone seems to be having a good time in the studio.

Marty was one of the most sought-after arrangers back in the day. In discogs there are currently 512 listings under his name for writing and arranging.

Art Pepper + Eleven – Modern Jazz Classics

Many consider this to be the best record Art Pepper ever made, along with Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section, and it’s hard to argue with either title as both are superb and deserve a place in any audiophile’s collection. I would add Art Pepper Today to that list.

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