Steve Miller Band – Sailor – Our Shootout Winner from 2010

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SUPER HOT STAMPERS DISCOVERED AT LAST for this crazy SMB album engineered by the man himself, Glyn Johns! We just finished a big shootout for this trippy, bluesy LP and were pleased to find that the best copies really do give you that analog magic we’ve come to expect from Mr. Johns’ recordings.  

We have paired up two Capitol Rainbow Label pressings here to give you excellent sound for both sides. This will allow you to do your own shootout at home to see just how special the good sides really are. If you don’t want to bother with the inferior sides and leave the tedious work of playing bad sounding records to us, we’ll understand!

This album is a far cry from Miller’s poppier later work a la Fly Like An Eagle and Book Of Dreams. The music is psychedelic, bluesy and downright strange if you ask me. As we listened to these songs over and over I couldn’t believe how unique this album is. It’s a real pastiche of tripped-out ’60s styles, but it doesn’t sound all that similar to any of their contemporaries since it goes in so many directions. The open, spacious and tubey magical sound that Glyn Johns got here lets you make sense of all the crazy elements. You don’t need to know the lyrics to Space Cowboy to get the idea that these guys were probably pretty serious “midnight tokers.”

The two killer sides here are rich, full-bodied and smooth with lots of energy and a strong bottom end. They open up much more than the typical copy and give you the kind of presence that brings the music deep into your listening room. Since the two Hot Stamper sides are on different records, you can easily compare a Hot side to a typical side to see what the Hot Stampers are giving you.


Side One

Song for Our Ancestors
Dear Mary
My Friend
Living in the U.S.A.

Side Two

Quicksilver Girl
Lucky Man
Gangster of Love
You’re So Fine
Dime-A-Dance Romance

AMG  Review

Most definitely a part of the late-’60s West Coast psychedelic blues revolution that was becoming hipper than hip, Steve Miller was also always acutely aware of both the British psychedelic movement that was swirling in tandem and of where the future lay, and how that would evolve into something even more remarkable. The result of all those ideas, of course, came together on 1968’s magnificent Sailor LP… At their blues-loving best, Sailor is a classic Miller recording and a must-have — especially for the more contemporary fan, where it becomes an initiation into a past of mythic proportion.

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