Albeniz / Iberia from 1960 – Amazing on the Original and the Right Reissues Too


More of the music of Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)

Decca and London Hot Stamper Pressings Available Now

James Walker was the producer, Roy Wallace the engineer for these sessions from May of 1960 in Geneva’s glorious Victoria Hall. It’s yet another remarkable Demo Disc from the Golden Age of Vacuum Tube Recording Technology, with the added benefit of mastering using the more modern cutting equipment of the ’70s. (We are of course here referring to the good modern mastering of 30+ years ago, not the bad modern mastering of today.)

The combination of old and new works wonders on this title as you will surely hear for yourself on both of these better than Super Hot sides.

The sound of this copy is so transparent, undistorted, three-dimensional and REAL, without any sacrifice in solidity, richness or Tubey Magic, that we knew we had a real winner on our hands as soon as the needle hit the groove.

We were impressed with the fact that it excelled in so many areas of reproduction. The illusion of disappearing speakers is one of the more attractive aspects of the sound here, pulling the listener into the space of the concert hall in an especially engrossing way.

Side One – Iberia (1-4)

A huge hall, correct string tone, spacious and open as practically any orchestral recording you can find!

Listen to the plucked basses – clear, not smeary, with no sacrifice in richness. Take it from us, the guys that play classical recordings by the score, this is hard for a record to do!

Listen to how natural the cymbal crashes are.

Side Two – Iberia (5-6) & Turina / Danzas Fantasticas

Spacious and transparent, dynamic and energetic — clearly this is a Demo Disc for orchestral color.

Listen to how clear the French horns are. Rarely have I heard that instrument sound so natural and real. This is an incredibly hi-rez transfer without compromising the Tubey Magic of the originals, providing you the listener with the best of all possible worlds.

In our experience the Danzas Fantasticas never sounds as good as Iberia on this album. You should have no trouble hearing the difference in the sound between the two works on side two.


 A Wonderful Original (On the Right Pressing, Again, Of Course)