Tom Waits / Heartattack and Vine – Our Shootout Winner from 2010

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One of the better copies of Heartattack and Vine we’ve ever heard! We enjoy listening to the music of Tom Waits here because the music and sound can be excellent. His albums are certainly a nice change of pace from the stuff that’s usually on our table. We had quite a few copies of this one and none of the other ones were in a league with this bad boy. The sound is very rich and full with incredible immediacy to the vocals. You just couldn’t get the vocals to sound any better than they do on this copy.

This obviously ain’t your everyday Classic Rock album — Waits’ music is an acquired taste and certainly not for everyone. Those of you who appreciate Randy Newman are likely to get a lot out of this one


Side One

Heartattack and Vine
In Shades
Saving All My Love for You
Jersey Girl

Side Two

‘Til the Money Runs Out
On the Nickel
Mr. Siegal
Ruby’s Arms

AMG  Review

Heartattack and Vine, Tom Waits’ first album in two years and his last of seven for Asylum Records, is a transitional album, with tracks like the rhythm-heavy title song and “‘Til the Money Runs Out” foreshadowing the sonic experiments of the Island albums, while piano-with-orchestra tracks like “Saving All My Love for You” and “On the Nickel” (written as a motion-picture title tune) hark back to Waits’ Randy Newman-influenced early days. It is just as well that Waits never entirely gave up on the ballad material.

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