Supertramp – An A&M Half-Speed Mastered Disaster

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Sonic Grade: F

An Audiophile Hall of Shame pressing and a Half-Speed Mastered Disaster if there ever was one. If this isn’t the perfect example of a Pass/Not-Yet record, I can’t imagine what would be.

It is just awful. So washed out, brittle, thin and lifeless, it practically defies understanding that anyone with two working ears ever considered calling this piece of crap an “audiophile” record.

Is it the worst version of the album ever made? Hard to imagine it would have much competition.

If you don’t think the major labels had anything but contempt for audiophiles, play this pressing and see for yourself the kind of garbage they were happy to pawn off on an unsuspecting audiophile “community.”

The audiophile community? Was there ever such a thing?

There is now of course, Hoffman’s being the most popular. On his forum you will find self-described audiophiles Defending the Indefensible at every turn. I am happy to report that threads mentioning — sorry, I meant to say bashing — Hot Stampers are some of the most popular.

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