Tchaikovsky / Swan Lake / Grossman – Reviewed in 2009

More of the music of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840 – 1893)

More Classical ‘Sleeper” Recordings We’ve Discovered with Demo Disc Sound

This budget Whitehall pressing is one of the most incredible SLEEPERS in the entire classical catalog, with SUPERB sound as well as performances of the highest quality from the Vienna Festival Orchestra. The sound is big and bold, spacious, open and sweet in the best golden age tradition. Superior pressings of this recording would give all but the best Shaded Dogs, Londons and Mercs a serious run for their money, beating most of them handily. Yes, it’s that good. The string tone and rosiny texture on side two are especially noteworthy.

There’s a freedom from coloration on either side that is positively refreshing after playing most vintage classical recordings.

This copy is as quiet as we can find them, with a side one that plays Mint Minus to Mint Minus Minus, and a side two that plays Mint Minus Minus. Whitehall was a budget label whose records sold for less than two dollars; they might be found in drug stores and five and dimes. 

This record has the kind of sound found more often on the top Deccas and Londons from the ’60s, the kinds of records audiophiles pay a fortune for with no guarantee of good sound.

This pressing comes with our 100% money back guarantee of both great sound and great music. You will not be disappointed, that I can assure you.


Side One

The Nutcracker Suite

Side Two

Swan Lake Suite

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