Offenbach et al / French Overtures – Ansermet – Reviewed in 2009

More of the Music of Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880)

This Minty London Blueback LP (not the Decca you see pictured) has a WONDERFUL Tubey Magical Super Hot Stamper Side One. I have never heard this music sound better. Of course Ansermet is exactly the right conductor for these light and colorful orchestral pieces; the performances are uniformly superb.

But as audiophiles we want to make sure the sound is what it should be, and here side one does not disappoint. The string tone is perfection. I defy anyone to find a Heavy Vinyl reissue with string tone even remotely as good. In my experience there simply is no such record.

With vintage classical records there are always trade-offs of course. Here the loudest passages suffer from compressor distortion, so common on these early pressings. A small price to pay for sound this lovely I say. The Zampa overture by Herold is probably the best sound on the album — it’s gorgeous!

Side two is not quite as good. We rated it A Plus, with real weight and energy but a bit too much compression in the loud passages to be completely satisfying.


Side One

Le Roi D’ys
The Black Domino

Side Two

La Belle Helene
Fra Diavolo
Orpheus In The Underworld

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