Offenbach & Gounod / Solti – Great Cover, Bad London Sound

More Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880)


Sonic Grade: F

Hall of Shame pressing. Great cover, awful sound.

Blary and gritty. Much too unpleasant on high quality modern equipment.

The only stereo that can play a record that sounds the way this album does is a stereo that looks like this:

Or one that is powered by these:

They are very good at hiding the faults of old records (and plenty of new ones too).

Our Pledge of Service to You, the Discriminating Audiophile 

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You can find this album in our Hall of Shame, along with more than 350 others that — in our opinion — qualify as some of the worst sounding records ever made. (Some records in the Hall of Shame  have sound that was passable but the music was not up to our standards, or some combination of the two.  These are also records that audiophiles can safely avoid.)

Note that most of the entries in our Hall of Shame are audiophile remasterings of one kind or another. The reason for this is simple: we’ve gone through the all-too-often unpleasant experience of comparing them head to head with our vintage Hot Stamper pressings.

When you can hear them that way, up against an exceptionally good record, their flaws become that much more obvious and, frankly, that much more inexcusable.