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WONDERFUL SOUND and QUIET VINYL on both sides! We played a stack of these and this was clearly one of the better copies, rating above A+ on both sides. This one has the old RCA tubey magic, that’s for sure! The sound is rich, full, natural and warm throughout. I bet you don’t have anything like this in your collection — it’s a very cool record!

If you’re looking for something different that sounds great and have a taste for adventurous music, give this one a try. We certainly enjoyed it. 

This is not your typical Ornette Coleman album (is there such a thing?) — this album features music Coleman composed performed by a Woodwind Quartet on the first side (including trumpet interludes from Ornette) and a Chamber quartet on the second side.


Side One

Form and Sounds

Side Two

Saints and Soldiers 

Space Flight

AMG Review

This [LP] includes “Forms and Sounds” played by The Philadelphia Woodwind Quartet – densities of melodies alternately freely floating or played to an automaton pulse with commentary-like to bluesy to celebratory trumpet interludes played by Coleman, calls to reconsider life; “Saints and Soldiers” — repression by the religious and political contrasted with saintly discernment; and “Space Flight” — flashes of unidentified fluttering things which suddenly disappear. Performed by the Chamber Symphony of Philadelphia String Quartet.