Frank Sinatra – Look To Your Heart

Triple Plus (A+++) on side one, with a side two that is right up there with it – outstanding sound quality from first note to last. This copy was the fullest, richest and smoothest, with the best bass and most natural vocals of any we played. Recorded from 1953-1955, this mono collection of singles and such gives us Old Blue Eyes in his Capitol-period prime.

The sound is big, open, rich and full. The highs are extended and silky sweet. The bass is tight and punchy. And this copy gives you more life and energy than most.

This Hot Stamper pressing has the kind of ’50’s Tubey Magical Analog Sound that’s been lost to the world of recorded music for decades — decades I tell you! Nobody can manage to get a recording to sound like this anymore and it seems as if no one can even remaster a recording like this anymore, if our direct experience with scores of such albums counts as any sort of evidence.

Steve Hoffman is the guy that can get the closest in this regard, but the difference between The Real Thing and even the best of his Remasters is not the slightest bit hard to hear.


Side One

Look To Your Heart
Not As A Stranger
Our Town
You, My Love
Same Old Saturday Night

Side Two

Fairy Tale
The Impatient Years
I Could Have Told You
When I Stop Loving You
If I Had Three Wishes
I’m Gonna Live Till I Die

AMG  Review

This is one of the odder Capitol collections of Sinatra’s 1950s singles and B-sides, and it contains a couple of Cahn/VanHeusen tunes from their musical version of Our Town.

Thankfully, Sinatra fans will find all of these beautifully sung and interesting, and there are a couple of real gems in this collection. Two oddly overlooked definitive Sinatra performances are here: the hell-for-leather swinger “I’m Gonna Live ’til I Die” (which comes complete with beatnik bongos) and “I Could Have Told You,” a melancholy condolence to a one-time romantic rival.

This collection made the Top Ten in 1958.


Look to Your Heart is an album by American singer Frank Sinatra, released in 1959 but recorded between 1953 and 1955.

This is the third Capitol collection of Sinatra singles and B-sides with Nelson Riddle, following 1956’s This Is Sinatra! and 1958’s This Is Sinatra Volume 2. It includes three songs from the 1955 musical version of Our Town.