Letter of the Week- “A Drastic Improvement to My Music Collection…”

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Our good customer Owais purchased our hottest Hot Stamper Tapestry and wrote to tell us that even his wife agreed that the premium that he paid for it was money well-spent.

I am very pleased with all of my purchases from you. In particular, the Carole King ‘Tapestry’ was breathtaking! You weren’t wrong when you claimed that Side One was the world’s best sounding version.

I have had so many different versions of this album, both in analogue and in digital form, and nothing even comes close. This is my wife’s favourite album of all time and even she had to admit that the premium that I paid for it was money well-spent. 

A big thank you for drastically improving the quality of my music collection!!



Wow! We can’t believe your wife lets you spent that kind of money on records. That’s awesome, Owais. Consider yourself a lucky man. And thanks for taking the time to write.

We’re not surprised that no copy you’ve ever heard came close; that particular pressing was out of this world, and the average copy you find in the used record bins is as dead as a doornail, so we don’t expect to find another one like it anytime soon. But we’ll keep trying! (As long as there’s somebody out there willing to pay that kind of dough, you better believe will keep trying.)

Best, TP