Pink Floyd / Obscured By Clouds – Our Shootout Winner from 2009

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EXCELLENT SOUND and some seriously strange music! This obviously isn’t Floyd’s greatest album, but we still found a lot to like about this record and specifically this copy. It’s a British Import Harvest Green Label pressing that rates close to A+ on both sides — slightly better on side one, not quite there on side two. Those of you who enjoy Meddle will certainly get a lot out of this one.

We rated side one between A+ and A++. The second and the fifth tracks were our favorites on this side, while the fourth track honestly left us a bit cold. We played other copies that couldn’t come near this side in terms of clarity, transparency or bass definition.

Side two has a bit of a thick, Moody Blues-esque sound. It’s tonally correct from top to bottom with good energy. The lead guitar sounds particularly good, as does the organ.

Don’t expect a fully realized album a la Dark Side, because this ain’t that. It’s a nice collection of songs and instrumentals that should provide a nice thrill to Floyd fans who really dig the prog-psych aspect of the band.


Side One

Obscured by Clouds
When You’re In
Burning Bridges
The Gold It’s in the…
Wots…Uh the Deal

Side Two

Childhood’s End
Free Four
Absolutely Curtains

AMG  Review

Obscured by Clouds is the soundtrack to the Barbet Schroeder film La Vallée… Here, the instrumentals float pleasantly, filled with interesting textures… Often, they seem quite tied to their time, either in their spaciness or in the pastoral folkiness, two qualities that are better brought out on the full-fledged songs interspersed throughout the record… The real noteworthy numbers are the surprisingly heavy blues-rocker The Gold It’s in The…, which, as good as it is, is trumped by the stately, ominous Childhood’s End and the jaunty pop tune Free Four, two songs whose obsessions with life, death, and the past clearly point toward Dark Side of the Moon.