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John Mayall with Eric Clapton – Blues Breakers

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  • Two outstanding sides for what gets our vote as John Mayall’s best album – with Double to Triple Plus (A++ to A+++) sound throughout, just shy of our shootout winner
  • Richer, smooth and livelier than practically any copy we heard, with Tubey Magic and space you won’t believe
  • The British Decca vinyl on this amazing pressing is about as quiet as we ever expect to find for this album
  • 5 stars on Allmusic: “Bluesbreakers was Eric Clapton’s first fully realized album as a blues guitarist — more than that, it was a seminal blues album of the 1960s, perhaps the best British blues album ever cut, and the best LP ever recorded by John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers.”

This copy is guaranteed to be DRAMATICALLY superior to most British and all domestic pressings, the MoFi Gold CD and every other version that you’ve ever played. This is it folks! They cut this one right. It sounds the way you always wished it would sound. (more…)