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A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

Did you know that most pressings are half-speed mastered by none of than MoFi’s very own Stan Ricker? 

The followup to their masterpiece, A New World Record, there are of course plenty of hits on this one too, Turn to Stone and Mr. Blue Sky among them. (more…)

Listening in Depth to ELO’s Masterpiece – A New World Record

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As a result of Jeff Lynne’s everything-but-the-kitchen-sink production approach, it will be the rare copy that provides enough transparency and resolution to bring out all the elements in these incredibly dense mixes, strings included. But when you find a copy that does, what a THRILL it is. This is the band’s MASTERPIECE in my humble opinion. For audiophiles ELO on LP doesn’t get any better.

In-Depth Track Commentary

Side One


Both sides start off with a uptempo rocker, and this side’s is Tightrope.

Watch your string tone. If it’s shrill or grainy you are going to find yourself in trouble on practically every song on A New World Record — they all have strings and lots of them. (more…)