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Badfinger – Straight Up Power Pop

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  • This KILLER copy boasts Double Plus sound (A++) on both sides of this brilliant early Apple pressing with some of the quietest vinyl we have heard in a long while
  • Clean, clear and dynamic with tons of space and transparency, this is the way to hear this band’s masterpiece 
  • The sound here just JUMPS out of the speakers, which is exactly what the best copies of the album are supposed to (but rarely) do
  • 4 1/2 stars: “This fine songwriting, combined with sharp performances and exquisite studio craft, make Straight Up one of the cornerstones of power-pop, a record that proved that it was possible to make classic guitar-pop after its golden era had passed.” 

For fans of the band — and Power Pop in general — this is the Straight Up you have been waiting for!

We rarely do shootouts for this album, not because we don’t like the record or have enough customers for it; rather it’s the fact that clean copies of the album just aren’t out there in the bins the way they used to be. Two or three a year is all we can find, and that’s with hitting the stores every week. Subtract the noisy and groove-damaged ones and you don’t have much to work with until years have gone by. (more…)