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Avoid Requests on Speakers Corner Heavy Vinyl

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Sonic Grade: F

More vinyl dreck from Speakers Corner and a Hall of Shame pressing if there ever was one. Awful sound. Worse than the CD.  


Gabor Szabo with Gary McFarland – Gypsy ’66 – Heavy Vinyl Reviewed

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Sonic Grade: B?

We haven’t played a copy in years, but we think this is probably one of the better Speakers Corner jazz albums.  They cut this album on Heavy Vinyl back in 2002, which we recommended at the time.

Our Hot Stamper pressings will of course be dramatically more transparent, open, clear and just plain REAL sounding, because these are all the areas in which heavy vinyl pressings fall short, with very few exceptions.


Side One

The Last One To Be Loved
The Echo Of Love
Gypsy ’66

Side Two

Flea Market
Walk on By
If I Fell
Gypsie Jam
I’m All Smiles

AMG Review

Guitarist Gabor Szabo’s debut as a leader (after an important stint with the Chico Hamilton Quintet) is surprisingly successful. The reason this LP is a bit of a surprise is that the repertoire (in addition to two originals apiece by the leader and Gary McFarland) has a few unlikely songs by the Beatles (“Yesterday” and “If I Fell”) and Burt Bacharach (including “Walk On By”).

Usually jazz adaptations of rock songs in the 1960s are lightweight, but Szabo’s original sound, the unusual instrumentation (two or three guitars, Sadao Watanabe on flute, Gary McFarland on marimba, bass, drums and percussion) and McFarland’s clever arrangements uplift the music. The playing time at 35 minutes is a bit brief, but the performances are better than expected.



Cannonball Adderley – In the Land of Hi-Fi – A Good Speakers Corner Reissue

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Sonic Grade: B?

A fairly good Speakers Corner jazz album (we’re guessing). Years ago we wrote the following:

“Outstanding! Top recommendation!”

Hard to know what we would think of this pressing today, but for the thirty bucks you might pay for it it’s probably worth a listen. 


Cannonball Adderley Quintet In Chicago on Speakers Corner Heavy Vinyl

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Sonic Grade: C? B?

A fairly good Speakers Corner jazz album.

Years ago we wrote the following: “This one has excellent sound (in that left-right jazz of the fifties kind of way).” We can’t be sure that we would still feel the same way. My guess is that this is still probably a good record if you can get one the 30 bucks we used to charge for it. 

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