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After playing this copy and the other ones that came close, this music sounds so much better than I ever thought it could, it’s given me a whole new appreciation for the album. I’ve grown to love it, and consider it one of the all time greats. It’s probably my favorite Cream record now. That’s what a good copy can do.

We recently finished a shootout for this band’s hard-rockin’ debut album and were once again delighted to hear how good this music can sound when you get a great pressing like this. The band is really rockin’, but you need the kind of open top end and tight, weighty lows this copy has to really make it work! (more…)

Cream – Disraeli Gears



This copy’s got the kind of tubey analog sound you need for this music — it’s warm, rich, smooth, and pretty much free of the nasty grain that gets in the way on most pressings. There’s good extension up top, and the bottom end is meaty and well-defined.

The lesson we learned is that when the extremes are properly transferred to the vinyl, the middle will take care of itself.

Since the extremes seem to be the hardest thing to get right, at least on this record, that might explain why so many copies don’t really cut the mustard while this one did.

It ended up having more space, ambience, transparency, resolution, dynamic contrasts, vocal presence and freedom from distortion of any copy we played in our recent shootout. (more…)