Child Is Father to the Man on Speakers Corner – What The Hell Were They Thinking?

Sonic Grade: F A Hall of Shame pressing and a Heavy Vinyl Disaster if there ever was one (and oh yes, there are plenty). Back in 2007 when this record came out, we auditioned one and were dumbfounded at the poor quality of the sound. We noted: This is the worst sounding Heavy Vinyl Reissue […]

Letter of the Week – Child is Father to the Man

One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently: Hey Tom,  I just received my shipment and played Blood Sweat and Tears – it’s mind blowing! Exquisite and pristine with no surface noise. Absolutely worth it.  Thanks Sujay More Child is Father to the Man

Two Reviews of Child Is Father to the Man – Fremer Vs. Better Records – You Be the Judge

In 2010 MF reviewed both the Sundazed and Speakers Corner Heavy Vinyl pressings of the album. I think his review is mistaken on a number of counts, and mostly unhelpful. The commentary below will discuss his errors in detail, in the hopes that you, dear reader, will not make the same mistakes yourself.  He talks […]

Child Is Father to the Man – What to Listen For

Child Is Father to the Man   At the end of a long day of listening at loud levels to multiple copies of this album you may want to run yourself a nice hot bath and light some candles. If you have an isolation tank so much the better. You could of course turn down […]

Jackson Browne – The Pretender

STUNNING Shootout Winning Triple Plus (A+++) sound or very close to it on both sides, making this a Pretender that rocks like no other! One of the all time great rock / pop Demo Discs — the best copies are so rich and full-bodied they make most rock records sound positively anemic Five Stars in […]

Sibelius / Symphony #2 on Shaded Dog – Reviewed in 2013

Back in 2013 we liked this versioni, but recently when we played a copy or two it did not impress us as much. Our system was very different in 2013, and, of course, the copies of the record we have now are not the same as the ones we played all those years ago. We […]

Kansas – Leftoverture – CBS Half-Speed Debunked

Sonic Grade: F Way too bright and thin. What were they thinking? It’s the sound that most audiophiles are fooled by to this day! Brighter and more detailed is rarely better. Most of the time it’s just brighter. Not many half-speed mastered audiophile records are dull. They’re bright because the audiophiles who bought them preferred that […]

Saint-Saens / Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso / Friedman

A nearly White Hot side two with the complete Saint-Saens work Side two has explosive dynamics and near-perfect violin reproduction Side one has the first movement of the Paganini Concerto No. 1 A Mohr/Layton Living Stereo Shaded Dog pressing from 1962 Side Two – Paganini – 2nd / 3rd Movements / Saint-Saens – Introduction and […]

Saint-Saëns / Rondo Capriccioso / Chausson / Poeme / Oistrakh

  With two Triple Plus (A+++) shootout winning sides, this collection of violin showpieces simply could not be beat  This copy was dramatically fuller, richer, tubier and smoother than the others we played, and ALIVE with pyrotechnic fireworks on side one A superb 1963 Living Stereo recording with Tubey Magic to die for, one of […]