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Years ago we heard a copy sound so much better than any copy we had ever played that we gave it a grade of Four Pluses on side two.

Our lengthy commentary entitled Outliers & Out-of-This-World Sound talks about how rare these kinds of pressings are and how to go about finding them.

We no longer give Four Pluses out as a matter of policy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t come across records that deserve them from time to time.

On Big Speakers at Loud Levels, this is Demo Disc Quality sound of the highest order.

Little Wing rocks as hard on this pressing as any song we have ever heard, with DEMO DISC SOUND to rival the greatest rock records of all time.

The guitar solos on Little Wing are as HUGE and LIVELY as any we have ever heard (assuming you have a copy that sounds like this one).

If you have BIG DYNAMIC SPEAKERS and the power to drive them to serious listening levels, you will be blown away by the sound found on the best copies of The Sky Is Crying.

This is one of the most blistering recordings of electric blues-rock we’ve ever played. Few other records recorded in the ’80s, or pressed in the ’90s, have this kind of BIG, BOLD SOUND. Maybe none. The sheer impact and wallop of this music is a real treat, but only if you have the right pressing (and the right kind of stereo to play it on, of course).

Little Wing is the surest proof that SRV was one of the greats. To me it’s his clearest claim to fame. I know of no other guitar showcase to compete with it.

Sonically it’s a knockout, with one of the tallest, widest and deepest soundstages I have ever heard on a record. It brings to mind Gilmore’s multiple solos on Money from the hottest Dark Side pressings.

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