Letter of the Week – “The same in what sense?”

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Letters and Commentaries for Sgt. Peppers

A potential customer asked about some Beatles pressings he saw on our site:

  Hey Tom, 

I have the Beatles collection UK box set from the time frame you mentioned. [Most of our Beatles albums are from the ’70s and early ’80s.] The albums have the black Parlophone EMI label. Do you think they are the same as the album that is for sale?



The same in what sense? No two records have the same sound, so in that sense, no, they cannot ever be the same. They can have the same labels, even the same stamper numbers, but they will always sound different on good equipment, and when properly cleaned they will sometimes sound VERY different.

And the better your system, the more different they will sound.

If you absolutely love your Pepper from the box set and have played five or ten other pressings and found that it is the best sounding of them all, then you probably don’t need ours. You’ve already done a shootout and you’ve already found a winner. If that is the case, congratulations are in order.

But if you did not do a shootout, did not clean and play five or ten other copies, then our pressing should be quite a bit better, maybe night and day better. No one can know until you play our copy against yours.

Your judgment is the final say on the matter, but you need a bunch of cleaned copies in order to make that judgment, and it looks like you do not have more than the one Pepper from the box.

At this point you really don’t know how good your Pepper sounds, because you need other copies to play against it in order to know.

We are happy to send you the copy we expect to be better so that you can see what the differences are. If you like yours better, send ours back for a full refund, no harm done. More on that subject in the link below.

Best, TP

Thanks Tom for the detailed response. I should have known better after reading about the process of evaluating records at Better Records. I have decided to purchase the album. Tom, you do a great job and are a great rep of the company- your service to. me was exceptional!


Thanks for the kind words. Part of my job is to explain how records work in practice, not in theory, which I do on my blog a lot. Check it out if you have time, here are the basics:

Thanks for your order. Hope you like it!

Best, TP


I am learning about the company. I intend to buy the record cleaning agent and the demagnetizer. Good move! My system is about 35k and I have a VPI record cleaner and I use the audio intelligent 3 step record cleaner.

[I told him to pour that crap down the drain. It made all my records dull. Quiet, but dull. Try washing it off and see if your records don’t sound better.]

I have at least 5 copies of the Sgt. Peppers album. I am happy to have found your company and look forward to doing business with you. So far it has been an excellent experience.

I think our records can take your hobby beyond your wildest dreams. You have very likely never experienced a record that sounds as good as our Hot Stamper of Sgt. Pepper. We look forward to hearing your reaction.


Since that time Edward has been spending lots of money with us. I guess he really liked our Sgt. Pepper!

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