The Doobie Brothers – Donn Landee at His Best

What a WONDERFUL sounding pop record. This is Donn Landee at his best — tonally correct, spacious, clear and sweet, with vocal choruses that can really take off when called upon.

With Ted Templeman running the show, this is an Audiophile Quality Pop Music Production that’s as close to perfect as one has any right to expect.  

Some may find the sound overly processed and too glossy, but we are of the opinion that, at least on the best copies, that sound really works for the music on this album.


1979 Record Of The Year for “What A Fool Believes” 
1979 Song Of The Year for “What A Fool Believes” 
1979 Best Pop Vocal Performance By A Duo, Group Or Chorus for “Minute By Minute” 
1979 Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocals for “What A Fool Believes” 


Side One

Here to Love You
What a Fool Believes
Minute by Minute
Dependin’ on You
Don’t Stop to Watch the Wheels

Side Two

Open Your Eyes
Sweet Feelin’
Steamer Lane Breakdown
You Never Change
How Do the Fools Survive?

AMG Review

It’s still all pretty compelling even if its appeal couldn’t be more different from the group’s earlier work (i.e., The Captain and Me, etc.). The public loved it, buying something like three million copies, and the recording establishment gave Minute by Minute four Grammy Awards, propelling the group to its biggest success ever.

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