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One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased. As you can judge from the prices quoted below, this was many, many years ago.

  Hey Tom, 

After two or so years, I finally tried my first hot stampers. A Space In Time, a top ten stranded-on-a-desert-island album, and Quadrophenia (my favorite Who album).

Owning three other pressings of each LP, all I can say is WOW !!! The copies I purchased from Better Records live up to your company’s name, especially side two of a Space In Time. At $60.00 and $75.00 respectively, I got quite a bargain. I can only imagine what some of the very best copies must sound like.

The joy and pleasure great music that sounds great can bring is priceless. After bill paying this weekend I can only hope that the Blood On The Tracks hot stamper is still there. With the Talisman I just ordered, I have to believe my listening experiences are only going to keep getting better !

Bob N.

Bob, thanks for your letter.

We love it when our customers take the time and make the effort to do their own shootouts, especially when we win, which is what happens about 99% of the time.

We especially love to hear that even our lower priced copies still beat the pants off whatever copies you have, even when you have three!

Let’s face it: the average copy is pretty average. We would never even bother to try and sell the average copy. Who needs it? Audiophiles want something that sounds good and record collectors can find records like these on ebay for under $10 or thereabouts, so no one in either group has any need to come to our site to get some run-of-the-mill pressing of titles as common as these.

Audiophiles come to us for the best, the copies that beat the Remastered Heavy Vinyl Con Jobs, the imports, the Half-Speeds, the whatever Audiophile BS pressing may be out there. We take them all on and beat them with ease, even with our lowest priced copies.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great record from us. It helps — don’t get me wrong, our Top Dollar copies are OUT OF THIS WORLD. But for the price of a good dinner (maybe an especially good dinner), you can have a record that will give you joy and pleasure far out of proportion to its cost.

And it will last forever if you take good care of it.

We look forward to finding you more Better Records of your favorite music.


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