Letter of the Week – “People let me tell you… it sent a chill up and down my spine…”

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Hey Tom, 

Just got my Super Hot Stampers of Remain In Light and Station To Station. I was very much looking forward to the arrival of these LPs… I was not disappointed. Verily, I was completely floored!

First, my apologies. I have been reading your website for over two years, gleaning information to help me find Hot Stampers, or at least good sounding records. I had not made a purchase until this past week. I was starting to feel guilty; you have given me so much great direction and guidance over these years, and I had not supported you in the proper way.

So I made a modest purchase of these two records, to assuage my guilt and support your efforts. You will be getting much more business from this satisfied customer.

I have Remain In Light on LP, CD and even the FLAC file release. My new Hot Stamper truly puts these recordings to shame. No, really, TO SHAME! If this ever gets on the Better Records Testimonials: “People let me tell you…it’s sent a chill up and down my spine…”!

I really can’t believe how well balanced the sound is: great bottom end, mids are pronounced and the shrillness is GONE! No smear anymore! Breathtaking.

My copy of Station to Station is just as wonderful.

I’ve been convinced of “Hot Stamper” recording for quite some time now, thanks to Tom and the BR crew; I’ve found some great recordings after conducting my own modest shoot-outs. Found some real gems. But the best results that I have ever got, and there are only a few, have now been easily matched and outstripped by my first BR purchase!



Thanks for your enthusiastic letter.

Both of these titles rank right up at the top of our difficulty of reproduction scale. This is a scale we created in order to chase away the customers whose equipment would not be up to the task of playing challenging recordings such as these.

We struggled with these very recordings ourselves, and we’ve been deeply committed to home audio at the highest levels for more than forty years, 35 of them professionally.

It took a lot of experience and experimental effort over the course of many years to find the killer pressings you now enjoy, something that would have been impossible without a dedicated staff and a full time listening panel, not to mention the myriad Revolutionary Changes in Audio that we’ve made since the release of both these albums decades ago.

It’s a central tenet of our business, discussed in some detail here and elsewhere throughout this blog under the heading progress in audio.

Anyone can use our methods to find Hot Stampers, but when it comes to finding great sounding pressings of these two titles, all we can say is: Good luck! You’re going to need it.