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Mud Slide Slim has some of Taylor’s strongest material: You’ve Got a Friend; You Can Close Your Eyes; Hey Mister, That’s Me up on the Jukebox, and one of his best and most underrated, Love Has Brought Me Around.

If you’ve got a top copy of the album, this song, the leadoff on side one, can really rock. It’s yet another in the long list of recordings that really comes alive when you Turn Up Your Volume.

In-Depth Track Commentary

Side One

Love Has Brought Me Around

One of my all-time favorite James Taylor tracks. When you get a good copy, this music comes ALIVE! This is not your typical sad sack, touchy feely James Taylor song. This song ROCKS!

You’ve Got a Friend

Listen to Carole King’s piano. On the best copies the transparency allows her playing to be heard clearly. Her style is unmistakable.

Places in My Past
Riding on a Railroad
Mud Slide Slim

Side Two

Hey Mister, That’s Me up on the Jukebox

As good as any James Taylor song ever written.

You Can Close Your Eyes

Again, one of his best. When the vocals are clear and present, the emotional power of the story really hits home.

Machine Gun Kelly

Another song that really rocks. On the best copies, you’ll hear a room around the kick drum. When you have a copy with an extended top end the tambourine will jump right out of the speakers.

Long Ago and Far Away

Joni Mitchell’s duet here with James is one of the highlights of this album. You need a really transparent copy to appreciate how much she contributes to this song. Notice the subtlety of the cymbals. The overall delicacy of the track is what makes it work so well.

Let Me Ride
Highway Song
Isn’t It Nice to Be Home Again


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