Delibes / Coppelia / Dorati – Reviewed in 2008

Hot Stamper Mercury Pressings Available Now

Sonic Grade: C

SRI 77004 – Not a bad Mercury Golden Import, but not a very good one either — there aren’t too many of those by the way — and certainly not in the same league with the better recordings of the work. 

Best to give this one a pass if you are looking for audiophile sound.

We have four categories of sound for the thousands of records we’ve auditioned over the years.

These categories are not quite as definitive as they sound, as there could be a Hot Stamper pressing — perhaps a reissue of some kind — of the album that would better fit in the Excellent Sound Quality category.

Pressings with Mind-Blowing Sound Quality

Pressings with Excellent Sound Quality 

Pressings with Middling Sound Quality 

Pressings with Weak Sound Quality or Music

For 33 years we’ve been helping music loving audiophiles the world over avoid bad sounding records.

Mostly we write about good sounding records, and there are thousands that can be found here.

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