Letter of the Week – “I took another listen to SRV Couldn’t Stand the Weather, this time at VOLUME.”

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Originally our good customer Conrad had written us about his dissatisfaction with a couple of White Hot SRV albums we had sold him. His letter and my reply addressing some issues with his expectations can be found here.

Hey Tom, quick update, going back to the SRV…

In light of your detailed notes, I took another listen to SRV Couldn’t Stand the Weather, this time at VOLUME. Oh boy, what a revelation. (Wasn’t able to do this over the weekend with young kids around, but this being a ‘work’ day with the four y/o at school, and Mama and the baby dancing to what they can hear in the next room… : ))

There seems to be a threshold level for this record at which it sounds congested below, but which it comes alive above (and how).

Long term will get some bigger speakers… this has been a good discovery for me about the strengths and limits of my system.

Many thanks,



One reason The Turn Up Your Volume Test is such a great test; the louder the problem, the harder it is to ignore.

Thanks for taking another crack at the record. We played it loud and we knew it sounded right.

We don’t know what our records sound like at moderate volumes. We never play them that way!

You may have read this boilerplate text here on the blog and our site. We put it in a lot of listings, because a lot of the records we sell demand to be played loud, and if you can’t, or won’t play them that way, you may not be getting your money’s worth, especially at our prices.

A Big Speaker Record

Let’s face it, this is a BIG SPEAKER recording. It requires a pair of speakers that can move air with authority below 250 cycles and play at loud levels. If you don’t own speakers that can do that, this record will never really sound the way it should.

It demands to be played LOUD. It simply cannot come to life the way the producers, engineers and artists involved intended if you play it at moderate levels.

This is the kind of recording that caused me to pursue Big Stereo Systems driving Big Speakers. You need a lot of piston area to bring the dynamics of this recording to life, and to get the size of all the instruments to match their real life counterparts.

For that you need big speakers in big cabinets, the kind I’ve been listening to for more than forty years. (My last small speaker was given the boot around 1974 or so.) To tell you the truth, the Big Sound is the only sound that I can enjoy. Anything less is just not for me.

For me, a big speaker guy with a penchant for giving the old volume knob an extra click or two, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Conrad around this time bought the Stevie Ray Vaughan Box Set Analogue Productions had produced some years back. You can read his review and my reply here.


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