Letter of the Week – Finding a Way Out of the Heavy Vinyl Trap

One of our good overseas customers had this to say about the records he was purchasing before he found out about the superiority of our Hot Stamper pressings:

  Hey Tom, 

I am of the opinion not that Heavy Vinyl is the problem, it is how the music is treated [processed] until it is pressed on the Heavy Vinyl. In any case, Heavy Vinyl is a crime against the environment. It is pure marketing.

But less than a year ago I was in the same trap. Unfortunately I need to admit that.

KR Hans


Glad to see you have taken Step One: recognizing and admitting you made a mistake when you bought all those rarely-better-than-mediocre Heavy Vinyl reissues. You believed the reviewers and the forum posters and found out the hard way that none of them are to be believed.

The next steps are the easiest ones to take. Stop believing those people, buying the records they recommend, and take all the money you were wasting on that crap and buy yourself some amazing sounding Hot Stampers with it.

Like the old saying goes, if you find yourself headed down the wrong road, stop, turn around and start walking in the other direction. Record collecting is easy once you understand it.

It took me 30 years, from about 1975 to about 2005, to figure it out, but thankfully we all are here now, with this very blog to help everyone on the journey of a lifetime that lies before us.

Knowing how to find good vinyl pressings has taken this hobby to levels unimaginable to my younger self, and it can do the same for you.

Thanks for your letter,



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