Letter of the Week – “Meeting Robert has energized me to upgrade my vinyl rig to an MC with a nicer table.”

One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he heard recently:


Meeting Robert [Robert Brook] has energized me to upgrade my vinyl rig to a MC with a nicer table. (Currently I use a VPI Traveler with Clearaudio Artist v2).  Robert also showed me how my supposedly fancy new 180g “audiophile” pressing can often be used to wipe the floor by classic pressings.  The extra deep bass and dynamics to the drums on his copy of Who’s Next vs my new one was particularly eye opening!
Yes, Robert Brook has been making a lot of progress lately and has some good records to play on his much better sounding rig. His blog is definitely worth reading. Here is a link.

Who’s Next is a record we know well, an overview:

Who’s Next… to Remaster the Album Badly?

I’ve purchased a VPI Classic 3se with the 3d arm, and I’m led to believe that the Dynavector is a great match for it.  A friend of a friend has this exact set up and is very happy with it. Robert says you also use a Dynavector for your record shootouts.

Yes, most cartridges would have put us out of business long ago with their wacky EQ, the opposite of what we need to do out job. We talked about it here:

Hi-Fi Beats My-Fi If You Are At All Serious about Audio

Once you get your system to that “accurate” and more revealing place, you may find yourself in the same position as our friend Dan here:

Making Audio Progress – Step One: Weed Out the Heavy Vinyl

Best, TP


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