Letter of the Week – “A great sounding LP can make a modestly-priced system, like my own, sound like a million bucks.”

One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:

Hey Tom, 

Please add that one to my box and thank you for bearing me in mind! I already have what I think is a pretty good copy of this LP that I bought from a dealer in UK who finds good stuff for me and on the whole doesn’t let me down. However, he’s not in the same league as Better Records – in fact, no one is, as far as I can make out. I think I now know who are the best four LP dealers in UK but not one of them is a patch on Better Records. You guys really are the best of the best bar none.

You continue to do an excellent job of educating audiophiles as to the true essence of why they should be collecting good sounding records. If only more of the ones who do not follow Better Records could listen to what you’re saying.

The number of so-called audiophile LP’s being offered continues to proliferate but, how many of them deliver the goods? Those of us that have been enlightened know that the answer is very few. This is a sad testament to a hobby that should be rooted in sound quality but exposes most of the participants as merely being accumulators of sub-par product. How bewildering.

People collect records for all kinds of reasons; certain labels, certain artists, jacket artwork, genres etc. etc. Records are like stamps, coins or baseball cards for most of these folks. I don’t have an issue with these people; they may as well be collecting Beanie Babies, for all I care.

What bewilders me are the people who can’t see (hear) the forest for the trees. They continue to look at their record collections as an investment (and nothing more) while encouraging the labels to flood the market with more and more inferior platters. They fancy themselves as audiophiles, even going so far as to purchase megabuck equipment for bragging rights to bolster their credibility as such. But how many times have we, the true fans of great sound, heard outrageously-priced hardware that, sonically, left us cold?

I am a true believer in Better Records and the superior sound contained on your Hot Stampers as well as several I’ve discovered in my own collection. A great sounding LP can make a modestly-priced system, like my own, sound like a million bucks. Thanks to what I’ve learned from you (a much better ability to do critical listening), I’ve been thinning the herd of a once-bloated collection of uninspiring-sounding audiophile LP’s and I’m not sad to see them go. There’s a reason why I haven’t given a great many of them a spin on the turntable in a number of years; I know they don’t sound good.

Thanks for helping make so many critical elements of the listening experience so much clearer for me, enabling me to enjoy my system and the LP’s I play on it more than I ever have before and not get sucked in by the overwhelming amount of snake oil being pedaled out there. Your dedication to doing the right thing is very much appreciated.

Bob M.

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