Thoughts on Not Having a Record Collection

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One of our good customers wrote this email to me recently:

So what I can’t get out of my mind, you have been doing this all these years, your own personal collection must be the creme de la creme. Cannot even imagine. But sure would love to hear!


I had a record collection for all my life until about ten years ago, at which point I asked myself what was it for? I get to hear all the best records every day!

So I put them all into shootouts, and sometimes they did well and sometimes they did not.

I sit my wife down from time to time and play her Deja Vu or Back in Black or The Wall or some other amazing pressing we’ve just listened to — Aqualung would have worked too — and I always tell her, this record may be gone next week so this is it, listen to it now or forever hold your peace.

Most audiophiles never have that experience but it’s really the only way I listen to music anymore, on the best pressings in the world.

I play lots of classical music these days, really a thrill to hear on a big, heavily-tweaked, high-resolution system. The recreation of the concert hall space and ambience can sometimes be jaw-dropping. We had to stop going to the Santa Barbara symphony because the sound was so much better in my listening room. I can’t compete with Disney Hall but it takes two hours to get there and good tickets are $300-500 each, tough to make the commitment at those prices.

Best, TP

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