Harold Land – Skip the OJC from the ’80s

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Zero Tubey Magic! Whoever cut this record should have used tube mastering equipment, or a transistor cutting chain capable of reproducing the sound of tubes.

If you like the sound of CDs, this pressing has what you are looking for. We’ve never liked that sound, and we sure don’t like this pressing.

We found the sound of the OJC pressings we played of this title seriously wanting. They were thinner and brighter than even the worst of the ’70s LPs we auditioned. They did not make the cut for our shootout. That is not our sound and never will be. 

Some OJC pressings are great — including even some of the new ones — some are awful, and the only way to judge them fairly is to judge them individually, which requires actually playing a large enough sample.

Since virtually no record collectors or audiophiles like doing that, they make faulty judgments – OJC’s are cheap reissues sourced from digital tapes, run for the hills! – based on their biases and use of inadequate sample sizes.

You can find those who subscribe to this approach on every audiophile forum there is. The methods they have adopted do not produce good results, but as long as they stick to them they will never have to worry about discovering that inconvenient truth.


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