Letter of the Week – “Your hot stampers forced me to work on my stereo and on my room.”

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One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:

Hey Tom, 

Many thanks for your efforts.

Things can sometimes really be easy. I [purchased] medical water from the drugstore, hopefully the best available here in Austria.

Now I know the difference between a Super Hot and a White Hot. After half a minute it was clear. The Super hot of Dark side is really, really excellent but the White hot makes (at least) a step up on every aspect. Will send the Super Hot back shortly.

What I like to mention is:

Your hot stampers forced me to work on my stereo and on my room. Tom is totally right when he says, only work, work and even harder work gives you benefit in HIFI. I think it´s the Dopamine in our heads that drives us for better and better, it´s a great feeling.

I never will be an expert in HIFI or hot stampers, that´s your business. But I can become mediocre or even good, can become a listener who has developed listening skills and has a stereo which is reasonably OK.

The first benefit (beside the sound of your Hot Stampers) I already got: improving my stereo and my listening skills just a bit gives me a lot more listening pleasure on my existing records, and there are a lot, especially in Metal and extreme Metal.

Kind regards from Austria,

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